PRV System Type V-VM-VMF-VF

Pressure Relief Valves

PRV Datasheet

How it works

The AKO Pressure Relief Valve is fitted onto a bypass line of a pump. The Pressure Relief Valve is then charged with air and set closed at the pressure it is required to relieve at. If the associated pump becomes clogged or blocked, causing the line pressure to exceed the pressure at which the valve is set closed at, it will open allowing the product to bypass the pump and equalise the pressure until the blockage is cleared. The Pressure Relief Valve will then reset itself in its ‘closed’ position to the original set pressure.


Available Sizes

10mm – 100mm Socket Type VMC
40mm – 200mm Flanged Type V/VF

Pinch Valve Body 

10mm – 50mm PVC/POM
15mm – 200mm Aluminum
10mm – 100mm Stainless Steel


10mm – 100mm Screwed Internal BSP, tri-clamp, RJT, weld-on ends.
40mm – 200mm Flanged PN10/16 (ANSI flanges also available)

Sleeve Materials

Natural Rubber (standard) & Nitrile (for small percentages of oil) are the most commonly used sleeves
(other materials on request)


Foot Pump (to inflate the PRV)
Pressure switch (2 switches inside a single housing to give working indication)


Pressure Relief for pumps, water, liquid, sewage/sludge and food industry
Proved reliability in the industry for over 10 years with 1000 plus applications in the UK
Clear and true bore – no blockages
No mechanical parts to get clogged or blocked
Easy and low cost maintenance
Single body casting
When the valve is set (using footpump) to the required pressure, the air supply is no longer needed – perfect for remote areas
The Valve resets itself when a blockage is cleared
No need to strip down the valve after it has relieved
No need to reset after pump starts ups or pressure surges
All Valves fully tested with unique tracking number – 100% leak tight seal
Full technical backup and valve maintenance in house or on site

Please download the available PRV datasheet for more information.

If you have any questions regarding this product, please contact AKO UK Ltd on 01327 312747 or email



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