Design, Modifications & Standards

AKO UK Ltd develops and designs its valves and fittings using the latest CAD, analysis and simulation software; taking into consideration all applicable standards and directives, such as the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.

Furthermore, every newly developed fitting must be submitted to an intensive series of inspections and tests in our own test laboratory before it can be released for production.


AKO Warehouse


Economic development and design is the greatest priority for AKO UK Ltd, given the need to use raw material resources and energy considerately.The duty of AKO is to ensure than an environmentally friendly production of valves and fittings takes place, without prejudice towards quality and safety. AKO take into consideration the greatest possible user friendly approach because of our moral and ethical obligations to future generations and all our customers.

The development and design department is fully committed to taking on individual customer wishes. Application-specific modifications to our standard products are set in routine to our development team.

We offer tailor-made, individual pneumatic control solutions for valves and fittings for a wide variety of applications.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with regard to one of these challenges. New projects allow us to accumulate new experiences and accordingly prove the validity of the experiences we have previously met.

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