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AKO Pinch Valves explained

A Pinch Valve (also nicknamed as a squeeze valve, tube valve, hose valve, bladder valve, rubber membrane valve or soft seated valve), consists of a flexible rubber sleeve enclosed in a sturdy housing. Only compressed air or a fluid is needed to squeeze the rubber sleeve and close the valve to shut off or regulate the flow of product in a pipeline. Normally a pinch valve is either open or closed, as shown in the video to the right.
The sleeve is made from an elastomer of different kinds including Natural Rubber, food quality rubbers, EPDM, silicon, butyle, nitrile, hypalon, viton and neoprene. When the pressure is removed the rubber sleeve will rapidly spring back to it’s original fully open position. The rubber sleeve is the only moving part and is easily replaceable without special tools. Based on the application, sleeves are available in a wide range of elastomers as mentioned above, where other conventional types of valves have only a short life expectancy because of abrasive or corrosive products. For most applications the advantages of pinch valves far outweigh their limitations including limitations of operating temperature (depending on selected sleeve material) and maximum operating pressure (depending on size).

5 Reasons to Choose AKO Pinch Valves

The lifetime of the sleeve lasts longer, according to the full bore.

AKO pinch valves are Quick Closing and 100% Leak Tight, ensuring no media can escape or seep through the valve sleeve or body when in the closed position.

The Lightweight Construction and Elliptical shaped body of AKO pinch valves means that less air is required to operate.

An AKO pinch valve is made up of only a rubber sleeve, housing, and 2 end connections. No mechanical Parts! The sleeve is the only wearable part.

The re-sleeving process of AKO pinch valves is fast with Easy Maintenance – step by step written instructions and videos are available free of charge.

AKO Pinch Valves OpenAKO Pinch Valves Closed
AKO Quality Promise

ISO 9001AKO UK Ltd set itself the mission of accepting the customers’ requirements as its greatest priority.
We are able to meet these requirements to the complete satisfaction of our customers year on year thanks to innovative product developments, a continuously high quality of products, an excellent price/performance ratio and highly skilled staff.

Our customers’ satisfaction sums up our success.
All company processes are optimised and rendered more efficient through the above average commitment of our staff and the annual internal audit.
Our products are developed and manufactured in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

What just one of our customers say:

“Using Pinch Valves from AKO UK has been a huge benefit to our company – Not only are we saving money, we are also reducing downtime so that our plant can process our product faster and more efficiently.”

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