VMC Pinch Valve References

The images below relate to case studies where the VMC type Pinch Valve by AKO has been used in different industries and applications.

Please click on the images to see more information about each case study.

To view the broad list of different media that AKO Pinch Valves can be used with, please see our pinch valve applications page.

VMC Pinch Valves
Brewery using KeiselGuhr powder
pinch valve applications
Alloy Wheels Manufacture (Welding Flux)
valve for welding flux
Sweets Manufacture
valves for sweets manufacture
Quick Exhaust & Directional Valves for Foundry
VMC Pinch Valve quick exhaust
Brewery Producing Fine Ales
valves for brewery
Spraying Cement Slurry
valve for cement slurry
Medical Waste Bags
valves for medical waste bags
Pharmaceutical Tablets
valves for pharmaceutical tablets
Gypsum Solids (Mud)
valve for gypsum solids
Contact Lens Manufacture
valves for contact lens manufacture
Anaerobic Digester Slurry
valve for farming slurry
Continuous Filter Dryer
High Viscocity Gum Mixing
EHEDG certified hygienic valve
Welding Flux under Vacuum
pinch valves for collecting excess welding flux
Wood Shavings
wood shavings application
Lithium-Based Chemical Manufacture
pinch valves for lithium based chemical manufacture
Sand Foundry Conveying
pinch valves for sand foundry
Pharmaceutical Vacuum Tray Dryer
vacuum tray dryer with pinch valves
Compacted Coffee Granules
pinch valves for coffee granules
Case Studies for other AKO Pinch Valve Types:
VF Type Pinch Valve
VMP Type Pinch Valve
VMP Series Pinch Valves
VM Type Pinch Valve
VM Pinch Valves
OV Type Pinch Valve
OV pinch valves food quality

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