An Original Equipment Manufacturer is transforming the beverages industry by introducing a newly developed award-winning technology Activated Enhancement System (AES) which uses a method called the Natralysis Process to create the best natural alkaline base solution and bottled beverage products.

The manufacturer of alkaline water production systems for bottling plants are putting their technology to practice after years of special evidence-based research. Their systems are only achieved by using their developed process.

Natralysis Process for Beverage Products

The Natralysis Process is a game-changer. It is an augmented water enhancement system capable of producing clean, fresh-tasting great-tasting non-acidic water with a stable pH which can be set at any level up to pH 10.5

A modular system, the Natralysis Process treats water flow rates ranging from 250 litres/min to 1000 litres/min or more.

It can meet any bottling/canning line commercial production demands.

The pH of the water that is produced can support flavourings, electrolytes, vitamins, and proteins. Unlike any other technology, the compact system can be installed into any commercial beverage plant within hours. The Natralysis Process does not use electrolysis to create water alkalinity, nor does it produce wastewater or acidic wastewater as a byproduct. It is also ozone cleansing compatible pre and post during the production run. This sets it apart from other water alkalinity treatment methods currently available.

valves for metallic raspings

Application Details

The users use a Pinch Valve to assist with this bottling application, which is used to open/close as required for mineral replenishment of the Alkaline water production system.

The media passing through the valve is metallic raspings, at ambient temperature. The pressure of the metallic raspings is atmospheric > 2 Bar in water. The valve is positioned directly under the media hopper, and is normally closed. The valve is only opened once per day, maximum.

The initial system used a water feed of media but the latest version uses gravity and a mechanical agitation on the hopper.

valve for metallic raspings
valves for metallic raspings

Performance of the Valves with Metallic Raspings

The original equipment manufacturer have been using Pinch Valves since 2018. The valves were purchased through automation/fabricating companies previously. The OEM now purchase as and when required directly from the manufacturers at AKO UK, saving money and lead-time.

Hose Valve VMC25.04HTECK.50T.50 from AKO
Pinch Valve used within this application: VMC25.04LWK.50T.50

VMC model, air operated, stainless steel body, stainless steel tri-clamp ends, EPDM sleeve.

Due to the abrasive and uneven texture of the media, it was expected that the media would become trapped in other forms of valve (ball, butterfly etc.) No other valve type has been trialed for this particular application, because the Pinch Valve is performing so well.

The overall satisfaction of the Pinch Valve within this application is good, but due to the valve being closed almost permanently, it has been noted that the membranes distort and restrict the outlet, thus restricting the flow slightly.

The solution here could be to use a vacuum pump to equalise the pressure. More info vacuum conveying can be viewed on our website.
The closing pressure could also be regulated down to prevent the sleeve/membrane from becoming partially closed so much over time. AKO valves require a differential pressure of 2 – 2.5 bar above the line pressure to close fully.

The OEM have only used the valves previously in manual mode. They now have a full production system installed in the USA and should have more details of how often the rubber membrane is replaced in the future. The company is expanding and have received further orders for larger systems in the USA, and will require more valves. They will also continue to purchase replace/spare parts/units.


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