Butterfly Valves

For Silo Protection Systems

Actuated Butterfly Valve Specification

100mm Butterfly Valve. 3 Bar rated, Wafer Pattern, bi-directional sealing Butterfly Valve with a field replaceable Seat, suitable for mounting between flanges. The Butterfly Valve features a top and bottom Stub Shaft design, which internally drives the Disc, this allows a thinner Disc Profile achieving a greater through put of fluid through the Butterfly Valve.
Fitted in the Neck of the Butterfly Valve are a set of Stem Bearings and Seals which prevent external substances from entering the stem bore.

Body material : Cast Iron

Disc material : 316 Stainless Steel

Stem material : Stainless Steel

Seat material : EPDM

Fitted with an Elomatic ES40 Pneumatic, Rack and Pinion design, Spring Return Actuator, sized based upon an air supply of 5.5 Barg. Constructed with a Polyurethane coated Aluminium Body, Aluminium Pistons, Nitrile O-Ring Seals and Acetal Bearings and Guides. Actuator to Spring Close in the event of mains air Failure. Assembled & Tested.

AKO UK Butterfly Valve

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