Reliable Pinch Valve Accessories

You may want to proportionally control your pinch valve by reducing the bore size to allow gradual flow, including starting up interim positions. Perhaps you have a safety application, or you are looking to control your pinch valve with special requirements. Whatever your needs, AKO can provide the solution for custom pinch valve accessory requirements.

One or more accessory component can be mounted onto a pinch valve, depending on the type of pinch valve being used. AKO’s accessories are prepared and mounted by our specialists so you have the advantage of knowing that they are correct and compatible with the valve.

Below is a list of Pinch Valve accessories to customise specific needs, with downloadable PDF files of all variations that we offer.


Optimum Control with Pinch Valve Accessories

Depending on your type of application, we offer a diverse range of high quality pinch valve accessories for controlling your pinch valve to it’s optimum potential. We fit all accessories directly onto the valves so that they are ready to be installed as soon as you receive them, saving you the time and hassle.

We can offer you solutions for application situations, such as starting up interim positions, and controlling and metering pinch valves and knife gate valves.

Special requirements, such as quicker opening and closing times for the pinch valves in terms of reducing abrasion and regarding safety applications, as well as individual customer requirements, can be turned into cost-effective control solutions by our Engineering Department.

Examples of Mounted Accessories onto Air Operated Pinch Valves:

mounted pinch valve accessories
VF type Pinch Valve with Solenoid Valve, Pressure Switch, Quick Exhaust Valve & Pressure Regulator assembled.
pinch valve accessories
VF Type Pinch Valve with mounted Solenoid Valve & Pressure Switch assembled.

Examples of Mounted Accessories onto Mechanical Pinch Valves:

valves for slurry
OV Pinch Valve type PA2 with Solenoid mounted to the hose fitted directly to Pinch Valve
Normally closed pinch valve with single acting cylinder and solenoid valve
Mechanical Pinch Valve type OV with mounted Solenoid Valve

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