Mounting/Fitting Kits for Pinch Valves

For all nominal Pinch Valve sizes under DN100, no special tools are required for replacing the rubber sleeve inside the valve body, other than a lubricant paste that is used to help with the mounting of the sleeve, which we offer with all standard use applications (MP) and food applications (MPL).

For all nominal Pinch Valve sizes from DN100 upwards, a mounting kit is required to ensure the fitting of the sleeve to the pinch valve is carried out correctly. Not carrying out the fitting procedure correctly can cause early failures of the sleeve, resulting in shorter lifetimes.

pinch valve mounting kit

What does the Pinch Valve Mounting Kit Include?

The fitting kit includes a mounting pipe, mounting wood (for DN125 upwards), mounting paste as mentioned above, and assembing nuts and bolts.

Mounting Videos

You can watch a range of pinch valve re-sleeving videos and download PDF instructions on how to fit a new sleeve.