How to Re-Sleeve a Pinch Valve Correctly

To avoid early failures and prolong the lifetime of a sleeve

Re-Sleeving without Lubricant Paste

If no lubricant paste is used when fitting the sleeve, the sleeve may not slide over the cone of the end connection far enough, causing friction to compress the sleeve rather than for the sleeve to extend to it’s full length.

Re-Sleeving with Lubricant Paste

On the other hand, if lubricant paste is used to fit the sleeve, it must be left over night to dry before the Pinch Valve is used. If the paste is not left to dry over night, when air is applied to close the Pinch Valve, the sleeve may easily slip/pull out of either end causing it to deform.

Need some lubricant paste for fitting a sleeve to your Pinch Valve? Contact our sales team who will be happy to help.

Fitting the Sleeve

The rubber sleeve must be fitted with equal lengths showing at either end of the Pinch Valve body. If the sleeve protrudes more at one end, the other end could pull out when the valve is pressurised. This may cause leaks and could prevent the Pinch Valve from closing.

Tightening the Bolts

Please ensure the bolts or screws are tightened sequentially – Do not tighten one end of the Pinch Valve end connection 100% without tightening the other end! This could result in the sleeve being pushed out the opposite end.

Still struggling?

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