ATEX / EX Rated Pinch Valves

For use in potentially explosive environments


The EX/ATEX conformed valve is physically very similar to the ‘standard’ Pinch Valve, keeping many of the main advantages. In fact the only real visible differences are the lock teeth washers and the earth connection. The washer teeth are used on the flange bolts to give full contact to the aluminum body through the paint. This ensures the electrical current to pass through the Pinch Valve if required. AKO’s EX conformed Pinch Valves are built with a conductive rubber sleeve.

EX Pinch Valve Sizes Available

10mm – 50mm Plastic Threaded Ends Type VMP
10mm – 150mm Stainless Steel Internal Thread, Flanged, Tri-Clamp, Weld-on Ends, RJT connections Type VMC
40mm – 300mm Aluminium Flanged, Type VF 

Industrial Areas

View examples of the different industries and types of media that this product can be used with, including case studies featuring EX rated pinch valves.

EX Pinch Valve Body Materials

Aluminum, Stainless Steel or POM

EX Pinch Valve End Connections

  • Flanged PN10/16
  • Flanged ANSI 150
  • Internal Screwed BSP
  • Tri-Clamp ends
  • Weld-on ends
  • RJT / Threaded Spigot
ATEX squeeze valve
ATEX conformed Pinch Valve - VMC type in aluminium with stainless end sockets.

EX Zones

Zones 1/21 or 2/22 for all Pinch Valve types.

Zones 0 and 20 for stainless steel VMC type Pinch Valves, and complete conductive POM VMP type Pinch Valves only.

 EX Pinch Valve Conductive Sleeves

Natural Rubber, EPDM and Nitrile.
EPDM Food Quality and Nitrile Food Quality Pinch Valve Sleeves also available.

We also offer EX Pinch Valves approved for Pressure Relief Valves, complete with ATEX pressure switches.

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