The AKO VF Type Flanged Pinch Valve

The best Pinch Valve for abrasive and many other applications




The Flanged VF type Pinch Valve comes in sizes 40mm – 300mm.

This valve works by the controlling medium of air pressure or water being used between the Pinch Valve body and the sleeve to give 100% closure (even against the larger abrasive particles) of the Pinch Valve. Exhausting the pressure causes the Pinch Valve to open. When open the sleeve is a true bore allowing unobstructed medium to flow through.

closed VF soft seated control valve

Pinch Valve Body:

40mm-300mm – Aluminum, with Stainless Steel on request.

Pinch Valve Flange Connections:

BS4504, PN10/16, EN 1029

VF Pinch Valve Flange Variations:

40mm – 300mm – Aluminum with Mild Steel Bushings.
40mm – 300mm – Aluminum with Stainless Steel Bushings.
40mm – 100mm -Aluminum with Internal Thread.
40mm – 200mm – Aluminum with Flange Sleeves.
40mm – 300mm – Aluminum.

Special Food Connections available for Pinch Valve’s on request
(Tri-clamp/Clover, IDF and RJT. Please see Hygienic Pinch Valves)

flanged air flow pinch valves

VF Pinch Valve Operating Pressures

Up to and including 150mm
Maximum Line Pressure – 6 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 8 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 2.5 Bars

Maximum Line Pressure – 4 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 6 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 2.5 Bars

250mm & 300mm
Maximum Line Pressure – 3 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 5 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 2.5 Bars

Industrial Areas

View examples of the different industries and types of media that this product can be used with.

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