Pneumatic Pinch Valves with Threaded Spigot connection

AKO’s pneumatic (air operated) Pinch Valves with threaded spigot connections are available in sizes from DN10 to DN100, and comply with DIN 11851. The threaded spigot end connections can also be provided in 11853-1 on request.

Pinch Valves by AKO with threaded spigot ends are compact and reliable units, consisting of only a rubber sleeve, body, and two threaded spigot connections. The sleeve is clamped down into place by the threaded spigot ends. The limited parts required to form the Pinch Valve gives it an excellent total cost of ownership. No replacement seals, gaskets, rings, bolts etc are needed. The only wearable part is the rubber sleeve, which in many applications has a very long working life. This means you can install the Pinch Valve and leave it to do it’s job without fuss.

Types of Pinch Valves with Threaded Spigot connections
VMC Type

The VMC type is available in the following body materials:

  • powder-coated aluminium
  • electro-polished stainless steel
  • POM, white or black electrically conductive (DN10-15)

The threaded spigot connections are electro-polished stainless steel 1.4404.

Face to Face length:

  • DN10: Acc. to DIN EN 558 row 27
  • DN15-50: Acc. to DIN EN 558 row 1

(other types of stainless steel available on request)

Sleeve Materials

There are 12 different grades of elastomer available to suit AKO Pinch Valves from the VMC range with tri-clamp ends. Some are also available in food quality.

Operating Pressures

The maximum operating pressure for VMC Pinch Valves DN10-DN100 is 6 BAR.

pinch valve with threaded spigot end connections
pinch valve with threaded spigot end connections
pinch valve with threaded spigot end connections
Applications & Industrial Sectors
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Paper industry, Food & Beverage industry, Tobacco industry, Printing industry, Pharmaceuticals, Chemistry, Cosmetics.
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