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AKO UK Pinch Valves
100% leak tight seal when closed:
Who we are

30 years of AKOAKO UK is the leading Pinch Valve manufacturer and stockist in the UK. As a family run company, AKO has been supplying innovative Pinch Valves, Sanitary Valves and a selection of other flow control products into the industrial sector for over 30 years, developing into a global specialist for pinch valve solutions of all kinds.

AKO Quality

You benefit from AKO’s expertise in innovative and efficient pinch valve technology.

Customer requirements is AKO’s greatest priority. Thanks to innovative product developments, highly skilled staff, and excellent prices, we can meet these requirements.

The consistent high quality of AKO products has been regularly monitored and confirmed since 2000 through the certification according to ISO 9001:2015.

What we do

We supply air operated and manual Pinch Valves (also known as bladder valves, hose valves, shut-off valves, squeeze valves, slurry valves, air flow valves & rubber membrane valves) to a wide range of industries and applications including some of the most aggressive products. We use the most economical and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods for our Pinch Valves. We also use the highest quality rubber compounds for the longest possible lifetimes.

Pinch Valves vs. Conventional Valves

With over 10,000 Pinch Valve variants, AKO have a valve to fit your requirements. Pinch Valves are proven to be the best solution for thousands of applications, replacing many ball valves, butterfly valves and gate valves in the industry.

The non-clogging, self cleaning and full bore of a Pinch Valve makes it the better choice.

See some of our real life case studies for more.

Why use Pinch Valves?

AKO Pinch Shutoff Valves are proven to be the most reliable solution for bulk handling and product conveying.

10 Reasons to use AKO Pinch Valves:

  1. Full & true bore with no dead spots or blockages
  2. 100% leak tight seal, even with solids
  3. The most lightweight valve on the market
  4. Elliptical shape body, less air consumption
  5. Unbeatable lifetimes
  6. No mechanical Parts – Excellent total cost of ownership
  7. Reinforced sleeves for abrasive media
  8. Lightening fast closing times
  9. EX Conformed Valves available
  10. Easy maintenance and re-sleeving

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With over 30 years experience in the industry

AKO Pinch Valves are proven to be the best solution for thousands of applications and are replacing more and more other conventional valve types every week, for a more reliable and long lasting performance.

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