Vacuum Conveying with Pinch Valves

When using vacuum on a product passing through a Pinch Valve, the suction from the inside can pull the sleeve partially closed. The way to solve this problem is by piping the same vacuum pressure to the inlet of the Pinch Valve. This will then allow the vacuum to suck from the inside as well as the outside, equalising the pressure.

Sometimes, the Pinch Valve is operated by a solenoid valve. The vacuum can be piped to the exhaust point on the solenoid valve and the method above works in the same way.

We offer an accessory to help further with this problem. Our AKO-VAC System effectively pulls the sleeve open if required, or prevents the sleeve from closing under vacuum.

See how the AKO-VAC System works:

(The AKO-VAC Pinch Valve accessory effectively prevents the rubber sleeve from closing under vacuum, or pulls the sleeve open if required).

AKOVAC Perfect

With vacuum conveying, the AKOVAC Comfort model allows for the specific setting of separate pressures on the control unit for the control pressure, for closing the pinch valve and the control pressure which regulates the level of vacuum.

Therefore, the lower operating pressures required for use with vacuum (1-2 bar) for closing the pinch valve, and, if applicable, the slightly higher operating pressures used to achieve the ideal level of vacuum. This compensates the medium’s vacuum and can be adjusted separately to one another.



The AKOVAC Basic model only allows one control pressure which regulates the needed closing pressure of the air operated pinch valve, and at the same time the level of vacuum.

vacuum conveying with pinch valves

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