The flexible modular system for solvable & aseptic piping connections

Extremely compact with various connection options

The ideal solution for isolation and regulation of solids of all kinds, suspensions, pastes, gaseous, fibrous and viscous media.



Watch how the VMC Pinch Valve works:


VMC Pinch Valve Sizes & Materials

  • 10 – 150mm with bodies available in stainless steel 1.4408,  aluminium AISi10Mg (DN20-100), or plastic POM (DN10-15).
  • End covers available in stainless steel 1.4404, or POM Plastic (DN10-150).

VMC Pinch Valve Sleeves

  • Natural Rubber anti-abrasive, EPDM, Nitrile, Hypalon, Neoprene, Silicon, Viton
  • FDA Approved Sleeves: Natural Rubber food quality, EPDM food quality, Nitrile food quality

VMC Pinch Valve Operating Pressures

Maximum Line Pressure – 6 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 8 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 3.5 Bars

VMC Pinch Valve Optional End Connections

  • Flange connections PN10/16, BS4504 & ANSI 150
  • Internal thread connection G / NPT
  • Tri-clamp according to DIN 32676 row A and C, DIN 11853-3  / 11864-3 on request
  • Weld-on-ends according to DIN 11850 row and/or ASTM A554
  • RJT according to DIN 11851 connections available.

Special conductive models with a separate earthing system which are suitable for use in areas at risk of explosions (EX) in zones 0/20, 1/21 and 2/22 are also available.

The air operated Pinch Valves of the VMC series fullfil all requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU.

VMC hose Valve with Tri-Clamp Ends
VMC Pinch Valve with Tri-Clamp Ends
VMC shutoff Valve with weld on ends
Weld-on Ends
VMC soft seated Valve with POM BSP Threaded Ends
POM BSP Threaded Ends
VMC rubber bladder Valve with PN10/16 Flanges
Flanges PN10/16
VMC rubber membrane Valve with RJT connections
POM Body with RJT Connections

Industrial Areas

View examples of the different industries and types of media that this product can be used with.

VMC Type pinch valve with SAS threaded hose nozzle

Threaded Hose Nozzles, DN10-80

Type SAS – available as a single component or screwed into the valve. By default the threaded hose nozzles are manufactured and offered in stainless steel AISI 316L (1.4404), in sizes DN10-80. They can interconnect with any air operated pinch valve series of VMC, VMP and VF with internal threaded ends.

Threaded Hose Nozzles are mounted on a flexible tube that is placed over the hose spigot from the outside with a hose clamp.

External thread: DIN EN ISO 228 “G”

Threaded Hose Nozzle connection
Buttress thread, to ensure a better grip of the tube.

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