VMP Pinch Valves - The Compact Solution for Automatic Shut Off

Reliable and Cost Effective

Ideal for applications conveying and shutting off dust, granules, powders, suspension, sewage, air venting etc.

All Purpose Black POM VMP Type shutoff Valves

VMP Pinch Valve Sizes

10mm – 50mm available in general purpose Black POM, or White food quality POM, and also conductive POM.


VMP Pinch Valve Sleeves

Natural Rubber, Natural Rubber Food Quality, EPDM, Nitrile.


VMP Pinch Valve Optional Connections

Hose nozzles/connection glands, and internal BSP/NPT connections available.

DN20 VMP Pinch Valve food quality
White Food Quality VMP Type soft seated Valves

VMP Pinch Valve Operating Pressures

10mm – 25mm
Maximum Line Pressure – 6 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 8 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 3.5 Bars

32mm – 50mm
Maximum Line Pressure – 4.5 Bars
Maximum Operating Pressure – 8 Bars
Recommended Differential Pressure – 2 – 3.5 Bars

DN15 VMP Pinch Valve

The VMP Pinch Valve is also available with EX Conformity, using conductive POM and sleeves. Please see EX valves for more information.


A major advantage of the VMP Pinch Valve is it’s light weight and shortness in length, giving more flexibility with all applications. There are also improvements to the shape.

The simple and clear fitting instructions complete with step-by-step photos allow users to complete re-sleeves in literally a couple of minutes. Only having to replace the sleeve means a fraction of the maintenance cost compared with other valves on the market.


Industrial Areas

View examples of the different industries and types of media that this product can be used with.

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