Pneumatic Pinch Valves with Threaded Hose Nozzles

AKO’s pneumatic (air operated) Pinch Valves with threaded hose nozzles are available in sizes from DN10 to DN80. They are manufactured and offered in stainless steel AISI 316L.

Threaded hose nozzle Pinch Valves by AKO are compact and reliable units. The hose nozzles are mounted on a flexible tube that is placed over the hose spigot from the outside with a clamp.

Technical data of Threaded hose nozzles:

  • Connections: External thread: DIN EN ISO 228 “G”
  • Threaded hose nozzle connection: Buttress thread, to ensure a better grip of the tube
Types of Pinch Valves with Threaded Hose Nozzles

Threaded hose nozzle pinch valves are the ideal solution for hose connections of various kinds such as discharge/suction hoses on plants, machinery or vehicles.

The threaded hose connectors can interconnect with any air operated pinch valve from types VMC, VMP & VF with internally threaded ends.

Compared to flanged or internal thread (female) versions, precious time is saved on a plant with this type of pinch valve integration during the installation and removal of the rubber sleeve when being replaced.

threaded hose nozzle
VMP Pinch Valve type SAS threaded hose nozzle
VMC Pinch Valve type SAS threaded hose nozzle
View the other available end connections:

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