Aerator Pads Guarantee Free Flowing Hoppers & Silos

 a small part, making a BIG difference

Aerator pads

aerator pads white food quality and blue standard

Aerator pads are the ideal solution for discharging bulk solids

Aerators (also known as Airbrator Pads, Mushroom Pads, Fluidisers and Vibrator Pads) are for Silos, Hoppers, Chutes, Road Tankers, Bins and many more applications. An aerator pad vibrates when air is applied, encouraging the build up of any media debris to become free so as to not clog up the vessel. Aerators are available in both general purpose and food quality rubbers.


The best way to fit aerator pads is from the inside of a hopper, silo or bin. They can be fitted from the outside but from the inside is prefered because only a small hole needs to be drilled.

It is recommended to install aerator pads in atleast 2-3 rows inside a hopper, silo or bin. On each row they should be spaced around 30-50mm apart.

An airline will need to be fitted to each aerator. If they are being pulsed at the same time then the same air line can be connected to the aerators, branched off. Some users pulse different rows or sections, so the air line connections are user preference.

Aerator Pad Industries & Applications

Abrasives, Bulk Powder handling, Quarrying, Chemicals, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food Ingredients, Flour, Sugar, Sand, Foundry Sand, Powders, Fly Ash, Lime, Cement, Clay, Animal Feed, Chalk, Seeds, Granules, Pellets, Slurries and more.

Aerator Pads Advantages

No more compacting, rat holing, caking or bridging
Simultaneous aeration and vibration
Available for compressors and blowers – high volume and low volume
Quicker unloading time resulting in increased profits
Large aerator rubber design – more vibration
Fits flat or curved hoppers
Easy installation
Food and pharmaceutical quality
Parts are interchangeable with various competitors
Retrofit also available
Simple and cost effective
Up to 50% more efficient than competition
Quick/efficient deliveries from large stock
Best possible prices
Full technical back up

aerator pads for hoppers

Aerator Pads for Standard Non-Food Applications

Type 710 Fitting
Low volume (10-40 cfm) 0.5 in NPT MALE or
High Pressure 0.25 in NPT FEMALE

Air Line Housing
12mm o/d tube Carbon Steel

Diameter Rubber Pads
22mm hole diameter Silicon Rubber Blue

Temperatures (Other sizes available on request)
Up to 200 degrees C (400 degrees F)

Aerators for Food/Pharmaceutical Applications

Type 730-0478

Rubber Pads Temperatures
Neoprene Rubber White Up to 120 Degrees C (250 F)

Housing Fittings
Stainless Steel

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