VF Pinch Valve References

The images below relate to case studies where the VF type Pinch Valve by AKO has been used in different industries and applications.

Please click on the images to see more information about each case study.

To view the broad list of different media that AKO Pinch Valves can be used with, please see our pinch valve applications page.

VF Pinch Valves
Vinyl Floor Tile Manufacture (PVC Powder)
quick closing valve
Abrasive Solids for Drainage Systems
flanged air flow pinch valves
Acidic Water used in Metal Wire Manipulation
valves for acid water
Mould Manufacture in Sand Foundry
valves for sand foundry
Sack & Tub Filling Machinery
valve for sack filling
Self-Propelled Agricultural Sprayers
low maintenance valve
Manufacturing Glass Bottles
valves for glass
Rubber Compounding Company
valves for rubber compounds
Silt Agitation Dredging
valves for dredger
Powder Coating
rubber bladder valve
Carbon Insulation / Dust
valves for dust
Inert Dry Powders
valves for inert dry powders
Plastic Pellets
valves for plastic pellets
Dirt & Stone - Land Drainage
valves for land drainage
valves for GGBS
Cement Grout
valve for cement grout
Case Studies for other AKO Pinch Valve Types:
VMC Type Pinch Valve
VMC Pinch Valves
VMP Type Pinch Valve
VMP Series Pinch Valves
VM Type Pinch Valve
VM Pinch Valves
OV Type Pinch Valve
OV pinch valves food quality

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