Carbon Insulation Supplier Bulk Handling Raw Materials Including Dust

Pinch Valves are the ideal solution for handling and conveying bulk dried products such as powders, and also dust.

Valves for dust have a 100% tight shut off when the rubber sleeve inside squeezes closed. The pinch valves for dust also open 100% with a full and true bore when air is taken off to open the valve.

See air operated pinch valves for various different product types to suit any application.


Media: Milled fibre & dust.

Temperature: Ambient.

Pressure: Vacuum – Max fully closed -250 millibar, when conveying open -25 millibar.

Pinch Valves are normally closed, and are opened when user requests.

Amount of cycles per day: 10

valves for dust
Valves for Dust Experience

A carbon insulation supplier are using Pinch Valves by AKO. When the company were undergoing new installations, the AKO Pinch Valve was selected through a request and they have since been using the valves for 8 years.

An engineer on site says:

“We are very satisfied with the AKO Pinch Valves operation. We do not change the rubber sleeve, just replace the full valve.”

Replacing the rubber sleeve inside a Pinch Valve is a simple process. Since the sleeves are the only wearable part, it would be more cost effective to replace the sleeve inside the Pinch Valve rather than replace the complete unit, but some users have a preference to do this. Furthermore, AKO Pinch Valves do not have any additional spare parts that need replacing such as gaskets, packing, and ring seals like with knife gate valves or butterfly valves. This gives the Pinch Valve for dust an excellent total cost of ownership.

Pinch Valve used within this application: VF050.03X.31.30LA

VF model, air operated, aluminium body, aluminium PN10/16 flanges with mild steel bushings, natural rubber sleeve.

The part number for the replacement sleeve inside this Pinch Valve is M050-03X. No fitting kit is required to replace a sleeve at this size, but AKO lubricant paste is recommended.

For larger bore sizes from 100mm upwards, a fitting kit is offered.

valves for dust
valves for dust
Valves for Dust Accessories

The following accessories are mounted onto the Pinch Valves in this application, for additional control:

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