abrasion resistant valves

Pinch Valves for Ceramic Powder Applications

The powders being passed through the fully open bore of a Pinch Valve can either be gravity fed, pushed along using compressed air, or sucked through using a vacuum system. Whichever conveying method is used, Pinch Valves guarantee a free flow of product because of the nominal passage of practically all diameters. The Pinch Valve is non-clogging, and in most cases wear resistant. Other advantages include it’s light weight, simple installation and lightening fast opening/closing times.


Aeration Fluidisers for Silos, Bins & Hoppers

Air fluidisers are small and simple cone shaped components that solve bulk dry powder and granular material flow problems, acting as a flow aid. Bridging, caking, compacting and rat-holing are common reoccurring problems in large vessels including silos, hoppers and bins. A simple solution for solving this issue is to install air fluidisers around the vessel, which give off a gentle vibration using low volume directional airflow and aeration.

robotic printing arm

AKO Pinch Valves used in Robotic 3D Concrete Printing Application

AKO UK are supplying their VMP plastic Pinch Valve in DN25 (product code VMP025-03XK-72) into a concrete slurry application, which is used as a fail safe option. The concrete slurry with very fine aggregates in size 0.3-1mm is used for robotic concrete printing.

The world’s first commercial 3D concrete printing robot is currently in design production, with the aim to be used on site to produce a variety of elements including cladding panels.


The Importance of Abrasion Resistant Valves

More and more engineers and plant workers are opting for the Pinch Valve when fitting or replacing abrasion resistant valves. The Pinch Valve is a highly robust type of valve that is extremely reliable, with a very good elasticity. One of the main positive factors of this type of abrasion resistant valve is that it has lightening fast opening/closing times, ensuring a quick shutoff.