Stainless Steel Pinch Valves

Stainless steel Pinch Valves provide precise and effective control involving opening and closing operations. The easy replacement of the elastomer/rubber sleeve and easy installation makes stainless steel Pinch Valves a preferred choice in industries where cost-effective and simple design solutions are required.

Among the different types available today, one of the widely used is stainless steel pinch valves. The reason behind their popularity is that they are robust and suitable for use with all types of fluids and solids, especially the ones that are corrosive and abrasive.

VMC Stainless Steel Pinch Valves

  • Flexible modular system with a variety of ‘mix and match’ end connections
  • Extremely quick opening/closing times
  • 40% less air consumption, saving energy
  • Easy to replace rubber sleeve/hose/bladder
  • Compact design with low weight
  • Cost effective solution
brewery valves

VMCE Stainless Steel Pinch Valves

The VMCE type Pinch Valve has all of the same qualities as the VMC type, but it is also EHEDG Certified for aseptic and hygienic applications. These stainless steel pinch valves are particularly suitable for the use in food, pharmaceutical, beverage and chemical industries, and are:

  • Excellent cleanability – easy-to-clean (CIP),
  • sterilizable (SIP-capable)
  • bacteria-tight, hygienic design
  • Piggable (RIP)

The VMCE Pinch Valve is available with weld-on end connections, tri-clamps, flanges and threaded spigot, but not internal thread.

Hygienic Soft Seated Valves

We also offer different types of air operated pinch valves in alternative body materials such as aluminium or POM plastic, depending on the details of your application.

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