Industrial Sectors for Pinch Valve Applications

AKO Pinch Valves are available in a diverse range of different housing, end covers and sleeve material options, enabling them to be suitable for almost every application and industry. With the constant development and specialist testing of the AKO Pinch Valves, they are the number one trusted flow control solution in so many sectors, often replacing other types of conventional valves because of their simple design and effortless use.

To find out which rubber sleeve materials we offer, and the temperatures they can handle please see our Sleeves page.

Simple Shut-Off Valves for All Applications

AKO air operated Pinch Valves or Hose Valves are the ideal solution to shut-off and convey powders, pellets, sludges, liquids and suspensions. For any pinch valve application, whether it be on-off dispensing, tanker filling, controlling the flow of product with a proportional control system, a mixing process, bagging machines, vacuum lines or spraying, AKO pinch valves are proven to be the succeeding product in many industries.

Our individual case studies show some of the different performance tasks carried out using pinch valves. Each case study will give you an insight into different ways of operating the pinch valve, examples of different types of industrial sectors they are used in, and in some cases, operational issues and how they are solved.

You will find case studies broken down into categories according to the type of AKO pinch valve (VF / VMC / VMP / VM / OV), and also listed into industrial sector categories below.


Fields of Application for Squeeze Valves

brewery valves
Food & Beverage Industry
hose valves for aggregates
Building & Construction Industry
valves for crop spraying
Agricultural Farming
pinch valve for dispensing material into bags
Weighing / Bagging / Dosing / Filling
valves for silt dredger
Water Treatment
valves for glass container manufacturing
Glass Industry
powder coating with pinch valves
Surface Treatment
pharmaceutical valve on machine
valves for inert powders
Powders, Dust, Minerals & Ceramics
valve for train toilet waste recycling
Railways & Trains
valves for acid water
valves for packaging machinery
Plastics Industry
diverter valves for sand foundry
Metals & Foundries
pinch valves used for water pumping
Environmental Technology
Control Pinch Valves for EX Zones
EX Zones - Potentially Expolsive Envirornments
valve for filtration
Filtration Systems
valves for sweets
Vacuum Conveyance
powder silo system
Silo Systems
food waste recycling
Pneumatic Conveyor Technology
robotic printing arm
3D Printing / Contour Crafting
coffee hopper
Free Flowing Hoppers with Aerator Pads

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