Separating Solids from Carrier Fluids

Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration processes involve either solid particles in a liquid or gaseous fluids that are removed using a filter medium that allows the fluid to pass through but retains the separated particles.

An example of a filtration system starts by a piece of equipment physically trapping any contaminants and sediments. In some cases, media such as activated carbon is used like a magnet to allow compounds like lead and volatile organic compounds as water passes through. The desired product at the end of the filtration process may be either the clarified fluid or the solid particles that were removed from the fluid.

Most filtration systems include a step where water passes through media. Filtration media is the workhorse of these systems, ridding water of a number of impurities. The type of impurities that the filtration system removes depends wholly on the media.

In any case, these filtration processes are carried out with the aid of a valve to shut off the flow of the fluid during its treatment. A valve could also be used as a bypass to divert the direction of transportation around a water system.


Filtration Processes with a Pinch Valve

Pinch Valves are the ideal solution for conveying and regulating a broad range of applications in many industries. Media such as liquids, sludge, dust, granules, compressed air, pellets, gaseous materials, emulsions and powders are handled with ease by the Pinch Valve.

Whether the filtration process involves acivated carbon, catalytic carbon, KDF, mixed media, reverse osmosis membrane, UV filtration, activated aluminium, or manganese dioxide, the Pinch Valve is capable of handling even the most abrasive and aggressive media with ease. Thanks to it’s super fast shut off and opening times, the pinch valve is a key component to many filtration systems as it keeps the process moving without any problems.

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