An industrial company are using AKO Pinch Valves from the VF range for their land drainage business. They perform ‘muck outs’ for large water companies, and dig large holes for land drainage projects. The muck/dirt/stones is all taken to be cleaned, and the stone is then recycled back into supply.


Product used:

VF100.03X.31.30LA – Normally open air operated pinch valves for land drainage, aluminium body, aluminium flanges with mild steel bushings, natural rubber sleeve. (We have advised for the flanges to be changed to stainless steel bushings due to the aggressive nature of the application – VF100.03X.35.30LA).

valves for land drainage
Valves for Land Drainage Application Details

Media passing through pinch valves: Water/Stone/Aggregates

Temperature: Ambient

Pressure of media: Can be up to 10 BAR.

The Pinch Valves are normally open during the day when the line is working, and closed over night using 7 BAR pressure.

Amount of cycles per day: Operating 5 times a day, closed overnight.

Amount of air used to close the pinch valves for land drainage: 7 BAR. AKO advised the user to install a regulator and close the pinch valves at 3 BAR overnight as they are only holding back water at gravity pressure. If the valve leaks the user is advised to increase the closing pressure to 3.5 BAR, and so on if required.

valves for land drainage
valves for land drainage

This particular company have been using AKO valves for land drainage for 2 years. They had previously used ball valves and butterfly valves, but were not impressed by the fast wear and clogging.

If the application pressures are going to be continued as above, it would appear that the flanges and internal rubber sleeves of the pinch valves may need replacing frequently, due to the aggressive nature of the application. We have advised for flanges with stainless steel bushings rather than mild steel to be used, to lengthen the overall lifetime of the products.

valves for land drainage
Two AKO Valve Types on Same Site

AKO’s manual pinch valves from the OV range are also used on this aggregates washing site. The manual pinch valve transports ambient water to the cleaning area and holds the water back with it’s simple turning mechanism of the hand wheel.

valves for land drainage wash plant

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