Manual / Hand Operated OV Pinch Valves
OV type manual Pinch Valve

Sleeve Materials

Natural Rubber (standard), Natural Rubber Food Quality, EPDM & Neoprene

Pinch Valve Body



Extremely simple construction
Straight through clear bore
It has a 100% leak tight seal
True bore – No blockages
Can be used as shut off and control/regulating valve
Operation prevents caking with difficult sludges
Bi- directional
Easy and low cost maintenance

DN20 hand operated pinch valve

The best valve for abrasive and many other applications – Also available in food quality



Hand Operated / Manual Pinch Valve sizes range from 15mm to 250mm

Flange Connections

Flanged PN10/16

food quality manual pinch valve with hand wheel

OV Manual Pinch Valve Operating Pressures

15mm – 100mm
Maximum Line Pressure – 5 Bars
125mm – 200mm 
Maximum Line Pressure – 3 Bars
Maximum Line Pressure – 2 Bars

Industrial Areas

View examples of the different industries and types of media that this product can be used with.

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