OEM Successfully Trials Pinch Valves for Solvents

An original equipment manufacturer has successfully been using pinch valves in the design and build of their continuous processing equipment. The equipment is used for filtration and drying, crystallisation, reactors etc. The OEM decided to use pinch valves within their specific machinery because of the pinch valve’s full bore. Therefore, the valve has good slurry handling capabilities.

The OEM had used other conventional types of valves in the past such as ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and diaphragm valves. However, their experience with these valves for solvents was not successful. They said that most of these other types of valves do not handle solids well.

valve for filtration
Pinch Valve usewd within this application – VMC10.04HTECK.50G.50

VMC model, air operated, stainless steel body, stainless steel BSP threaded ends, EPDM rubber sleeve.

The first pinch valve unit was initially under testing at a University as a prototype. Since the performance of the pinch valve for solvents excelled expectations, the OEM now regularly order more pinch valves for more equipment, as and when they build it.

valve for solvents in filtration
Valves for Solvents Application Details

Media passing through the pinch valve: Various solvents as per the end user chemistry, including water, ethanol, isopropyl, alcohol and hexane.

Temperature of media: Chilled to ambient

Pressure of media: Atmospheric to minus 0.5 bar

The pinch valve is normally in the open position.

Amount of cycles per day: 1 per minute 24/7

Degree of vacuum used: -0.5 bar

Amount of air used to close the pinch valve: Not recorded.

valve for solvents
Valve for Solvents Experience

The overall satisfaction of the OEM’s experience and use with the AKO pinch valve is high. The EPDM rubber sleeve (product code M010-04HTECK) situated inside this particular stainless steel pinch valve is rated to 120 degrees Celsius. The sleeve is replaced roughly every 3 months after continuous use, chemical dependent.

OEM Comments:

There is a potential for more pinch valves for solvents with this OEM. The design engineer on site, Paul Firth, mentioned that the AKO pinch valve is the best he has seen so far. He also commented that the AKO pinch valve is easy to repair, low cost, and simple to operate.

valve for solvents
valve for solvents

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