Hygienic Pinch Valves for Pharmaceutical Use

The pharmaceutical industry discovers, develops, produces, and markets drugs or medicine that is prepared or dispensed in pharmacies and used in medical treatment. Pharmaceutical companies may deal in branded drugs or medical devices.

AKO Pinch Valves have been handling pharmaceutical products for many years and we have a range of stainless steel and hygienic pinch valve options to ensure that the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are met. Medical tablets or caplets, pharmaceutical powders, liquid medicines, and lozenges are just some of the products handled with AKO pinch valves for pharmaceutical applications.


AKO Pinch Valves are Aseptic & Sterile

Thanks to the flexible modular system, many different configurations can be achieved to create the desired model for any pharmaceutical application. AKO pinch valves are also EHEDG Certified and are designed to meet the requirements of hygienic design.

Pinch valves that can be used in the pharmaceutical industry and healthcare sector are SIP (sterilization-in-place), CIP (cleaning-in-place) and sometimes RIP (rinse-in-place) compatible. This means that they are easy to clean, sterilise and disinfect in their installed state (in place).

The hygienic design of a pinch valve means it is also suitable for use in every food or beverage application. Filling containers such as bottles, cans, tubes, vials or canisters can be achieved with a dosing system using a pinch valve.


EHEDG Certified Pinch ValvesEX Certified Pinch Valves

medical tablets processed by pinch valves
valves for pharmaceutical tablets

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