Efficient Filling & Dosing

Filling sacks, bags, tubs and other containers using a Pinch Valve on weighing, dosing and filling machinery has never been easier. An efficient, clean filling system is required for palletised bags and other filled containers. From media starting as raw materials to finished ready-to-sell products, let a Pinch Valve control the movement of the media with ease.

One of the main tasks of filling machinery and dosing technology is to reliably deposit media with precision, whether it be tiny droplets of liquid into a bottle or can, or huge amounts of bulk sand into an industrial sack. Proportional control may also be required with some smaller filling or dosing machines. The valves ensure the reliable and precise regulation of the flow of materials within the pipeline system.


Unlimited Product Flow with Pinch Valves

Some of the advantages and characteristics with AKO Pinch Valves in the filling and dosing industry include a tight seal, no dead space, and a full bore. All of which are important factors for an effortless free flowing system where the engineer does not need to worry about breakdowns or problems with the valve clogging etc.

The speed of which the valve opens and closes also plays an important role in the production of the container filling process, so it is useful to note that AKO Pinch Valves open/close in lightening fast times.

Thanks to the flexible modular system, AKO Pinch Valves have been developed and are available in a wide range of different housing materials, end connections, and rubber sleeve qualities to suit every application. Stainless steel pinch valves are also favourable for hygeinic food applications with FDA conformity.

stainless steel pinch valve for sack filling

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