Proportional Pressure Regulator for Pinch Valves

A proportional pressure regulator is a controller that can be fitted to a Pinch Valve to allow a percentage of air inside to partially close the sleeve, depending on how much voltage is supplied. Another name for the proportional control system is a 4-20 milli Amp controller.

How it Works

An AKO Pinch Valve requires 2.5 BAR to close against no line pressure. When the proportional control regulator is set up, if supplying 20 MA voltage, this supplies 2 BAR so the Pinch Valve becomes 100% shutoff. The 4 MA voltage is set to 0 BAR, so the Pinch Valve would be 100% fully open.

12 MA (based on half way between 4 and 20) would equal 1 BAR being supplied, which would create a partial closure. Trials on site are required so that the user can reach the exact partial closure required. Many different positions can be achieved using the proportional control regulator, however the bigger sized bore of the Pinch Valve the more different positions can be achieved.

The repeatability of using proportional pressure regular systems is very good – For example if a user operates a Pinch Valve for 1 year using the same MA signal, achieving the same outcome of closure percentage is within 10% all the time.

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