Modern Farming Technology with Pinch Valves

The use of reliable transport systems controlled by valves is a key component of the indespensable modern farming process. Without the valves that form a significant component to this agricultural farming machinery, farmers would struggle and would have even more labour-intensive filled days than they do already.

One of the key farming methods nowadays, is precision farming, using comprehensive digial solutions. Fertilizer and seed spreading machines calculate and dispense the optimum amount of product for areas of the field using satellite-based mapping systems and precisely controlled valves to prevent the soil becoming overfertilized.


Pinch Valve Benefits for the Agricultural Industry

As well as for crop spraying and seed spreading, pinch valves are the perfect shut-off solution for gravity fed or pneumatically transported bulk material in silos and hoppers being filled and emptied, such as corn, wheat, slurries and animal feed. To prevent bridging and to help move products downwards with ease in a hopper or silo, vibrating aerator pads are recommended.

To comply with food regulations, AKO provide Pinch Valves made up of food quality contact components and materials, should any agricultural application involve food media.

The rubber sleeves inside AKO Pinch Valves are robust and can easily handle aggressive media such as chemicals and acids, as well as abrasive media such as sharp grains. The sleeve is the only wearable and replaceable part of the pinch valve, making it a vital, cost effective part of any agricultural machinery.

precision farming with valves
valves for crop spraying

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