valves for crop spraying
Valves for Crop Spraying Application Details

Product: Agricultural Pesticide

Temperature: Ambient

Pressure: 5 BAR

Amount of Cycles per day: Can be up to 300, but machine is not used every day. Machine is used as and when required, and weather dependent.

Amount of Pressure available to close the Pinch Valves: 7 BAR

The valves for crop spraying are normally open.

valves for crop spraying

A local company to AKO UK have been using Pinch Valves on their crop spraying machinery for 13 years. The valves for crop spraying were already installed on the machine when it was purchased, and they have continued to use the VM type PVC bodied Pinch Valves because they are working so well without any problems.

hose pinch valve
Pinch Valves used within this application – VM020.03X.70.80

VM model, air operated, PVC body, white POM plastic BSP threaded ends, natural rubber sleeve.

Many agricultural crop sprayers appear to be using the AKO Pinch Valve on their pesticide machinery because of its great reliability. The term ‘fit and forget’ is often used by engineers, where a pinch valve is fitted and can be forgotten about for long periods of time because it will effectively look after itself.

valves for crop spraying
Valves for Crop Spraying Sleeve Replacement

The Natural Rubber sleeve inside the Pinch Valves (product code M020.03X) is replaced every 5 years in this agricultural pesticide application.The replacement of the natural rubber sleeves is carried out simply by unscrewing the sockets on either end of the valve body, and pushing out the old sleeve. A new sleeve is fitted by pushing it back into the body (for best results use lubricant paste when fitting the new sleeve), and then the sockets are screwed back on.

The company operating the machinery are very satisfied with the valves for crop spraying, and would highly recommend them to any other crop sprayers.

For detailed information on other application areas and industries where the Pinch Valve can be used as an ideal solution for conveying a wide variety of media, see Pinch Valve Applications.

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