Application Details

The media passing through the AKO aluminium flanged Pinch Valves used within this 36m crop spraying machinery application by a local agricultural company is suspension fertiliser. The fertiliser is a temperature of between 5-20’C. The pressure of the fertiliser is travelling through the pipework and pinch valves at 0-3 BAR.

The position of the pinch valves is on top of the applicator on the agricultural machinery, which performs many cycles per day. The amount of air used to fully close the pinch valve varies, but ranges up to 6 BAR.

The valve for suspension fertiliser is placed on a return line to the tank and is operated to keep a contact application within a desired speed range.

valve for suspension fertiliser crop spraying

The pinch valve is used to control applicant amounts. As more product is required, the pinch valve closes to increase flow to the spray boom.

Pinch Valves used within this application: VF065.03X.31.30LA & VMP020.03XK.72

<< VF model, air operated, aluminium body, aluminium flanges PN10/16 with mild steel bushing contact parts, natural rubber sleeve.

VMP model, air operated, POM body, POM BSP threaded ends, natural rubber sleeve. >>


Pinch Valves Vs Butterfly Valves for Suspension Fertiliser

The agricultural company originally used a butterfly valve for this application but found that they were prone to chatter and wear. The company then began using a pinch valve for suspension fertiliser as they found it was more sedate but also very capable of calibration.  The company also use AKO’s compact plastic pinch valves along the spray boom to control single on/off points.

The company have been using AKO Pinch Valves for approximately 25 years. After their experience with butterfly valves, they told AKO UK that in comparison, the pinch valve fits the role perfectly.

Repair of Pinch Valve Rubber Sleeve

The natural rubber sleeve inside the pinch valve for suspension fertiliser is changed as and when required, which is usually approximately 2 times per year. The repair process of the pinch valve is extremely quick and simple, and for the DN65 size that this company are using, no fitting tools are required.

The elasticity of the natural rubber sleeve by AKO is strong and durable, ensuring a long lifetime if the correct operation methods and maintenance are followed.

Solenoid valves are used within this application as a control action and to regulate the pressure to speed.

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