A quarrying company that has developed its manufacturing facilities for concrete, asphalt and aggregate related products are a leading supplier of these materials in the UK. They have been using a pressure relief valve for water from AKO UK for over 20 years on one of their pipes.

pressure relief pinch valve for water preventing pipe bursting

Ease of Pinch Valve for Water Helps with Pressure Relief

The water is travelling through the pipeline within this quarrying site at 3.5 BAR (50psi), and is ambient temperature.

The valve is positioned horizontally at the end of the line, and the rubber sleeve inside the valve is normally closed. The pressure relief valve for water is in constant use, performing a large number of cycles per day. This is a fairly simple application, relieving the pressure build up of water in the pipe. The internal sleeve is replaced in an impressive 5-7 year timeframe. The sleeve is repaired as required.

The Pinch Valve by AKO is used as a pressure relief on a 6″ main pipeline, and prevents the pipe from bursting. The company told us that they decided to use a Pinch Valve within this setup because of the ease of the application, and that the Pinch Valve is a simple idea.

The VF type flanged pressure relief Pinch Valve is fitted with an AKO pressure gauge, shrader valve and manifold assembly, which is used for re-pressurising the valve.


The Convenience of Pressure Relief Valves for Water

AKO UK Pressure Relief Valves for water do not require any special maintenance. Only the sleeve is subject to wear and can be quickly replaced on site. You can quite simply fit the valve and then leave it to do it’s job.

Pressure relief pinch valves are perfect for remote areas because an air supply is not needed once the pressure inside the valve is set using a foot pump. Once a blockage has cleared, the valve will reset itself and has no mechanical parts to become blocked or clogged.

Pinch Valve used within this application: VF150.03X.31.30LA

VF model, air operated, aluminium body, aluminium flanges PN10/16 with mild steel bushings, natural rubber sleeve.

Customer Satisfaction

The quarrying company told AKO that they are particularly happy with the performance and low maintenance of the AKO pressure relief valve for water. This single unit has saved the company a lot of money with the rubber sleeve being the only replaceable part, which has only needed to be changed 3 times in the 20 years the unit has been installed.

Experts in Pressure Relief Valves for Water

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