Valves for GGBS

A sub-contract civil & construction company are using AKO Pinch Valves DN300 VF300-03X-31-30LA and DN250 VF250-03X-31-30LA within their ground granulated blast-furnace slag (GGBS) application. This is a cement based media; it’s main use is in concrete and it is a by-product from the blast-furnaces to make iron.

In this particular application, two pinch valves are used in conjunction with one another. Depending on the line that is being delivered on, one pinch valve is fully open whilst the other is closed.

Valves for GGBS Application Details

Media passing through the valve: GGBS

Temperature of media: up to 50 degrees C

Pressure of media: up to 3.5 BAR

Amount of cycles: 6 cycles per month

No degree of vacuum is being used.

Pinch Valves are connected up to a permanent compressed air line.

valves for GGBS
Valves for GGBS Experience

The company operating the Pinch Valves have confirmed that they are satisfied with the products, that the valves for GGBS are easy to operate and that they are working as anticipated. The life of the rubber sleeve is currently unknown as they are yet to be replaced after a few months. We estimate that the sleeves will have a long and healthy lifetime if our operating pressures are adhered to.

See the typical pinch valve failures and how to prevent these by operating a pinch valve correctly.

valves for GGBS

For further information about these Pinch Valves from the AKO VF range, please visit the VF product page where you will find data sheets, CAD drawings and frequently asked questions.

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