Wine Manufacturing with the aid of Valves

A wine manufacturer are using a flanged Pinch Valve from AKO UK’s VF range on their grape press machine. A control panel operates the valve. The company makes wine from fresh grapes, which are crushed and pumped into the press via the axial feed shown in the picture.

valve for grape press

At the time of the above photo being taken, the pressure detection section had not yet been installed, and the company had to add a lever valve until they had the safety circuit linked up to all the equipment. This meant that the valve couldn’t be operated when the power shuts down on the press.

valve for grape press
Pinch Valve used within this application: VF125.02X.334LW.30LA

VF model, air operated, aluminium body, aluminium flanges PN10/16, white food quality flanged natural rubber sleeve, FDA approved.

Valve for Grape Press Application Details

The temperature of the grapes inside the press is between 10-20°C, and the pressure of the grapes/wine passing through the pinch valve is up to 1 bar.

The pinch valve is normally closed, and opens 6 times a day. 3.5 bar air pressure is used to close the pinch valve off fully.

End User Satisfaction – Pinch Valves Vs. Ball Valves

The wine manufacturing company are very happy with their experience of the pinch valve for grape press so far, which has been installed onto the grape press for approximately 2 months. They previously used giant stainless steel ball valves, but confirmed that they are very expensive and cause inconvenient bug traps. In addition to this, ball valves are also much harder to clean.

In comparison, the pinch valve is self cleaning and you will not find any problems with clogging since the valve has a full and true bore. The wine manufacturer told us at AKO UK:

“The pinch valves are a lot more cost effective than the stainless steel ball valves we were previously using. They are much more hygienic for our situation as there are no bug trap as with the ball valves. Pinch valves are much less effort and faster to use as we just open an air valve and the valve is shut immediately.”

The company has just ordered a new press and will be requiring more pinch valves. The same unit is also going to be used with a pressure sensor on it.

Experts in Valves for Grape Press

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