Outstanding Performance from AKO UK's Pinch Valves

A food ingredient manufacturing company producing seasonings and culinary blends have been using Pinch Valves from AKO UK within their equipment since 2017.

Positioned at the top of the mixing machines, just below a breathing filter, the food ingredients manufacturing company currently have four Pinch Valves in use on their site. There is no media passing through the valves, instead, the valves are closed during the vacuum process and then reopened during the mixing cycle. This process involves up to 80 cycles per day.

How does the Vacuum process work?

The company vacuum their ingredients through a sieve and into a mixing machine for blending. Whilst vacuuming the ingredients to their machines, the Pinch Valves are closed to create a seal at the breathing filter. Once the vacuum process has completed, the Pinch Valve is then in an open state to allow for the machine to blend the ingredients together as air passes through the breathing filter above the Pinch Valve. The amount of vacuum being used is 2.5 bar.

Valves for Vacuum Seal Performance

The end user started using the vacuum system in 2017. This was when they were introduced to the Pinch Valve and have been using it ever since. Their machinery came as a complete system with their first vacuum sieving equipment, and they discovered that the Pinch Valve was perfect for their requirements.

The reason for having different valve specifications on the machinery is because as the systems were purchased at different times, the original equipment manufacturer changed them with progress.

valve for vacuum seal

“We are very satisfied with AKO Pinch Valves. They are easy to fit to our equipment, very good at what they do and are very hard wearing.” – James Laycock

valve for vacuum seal
valve for vacuum seal
valve for vacuum seal

Out of the 4 valves on site, and after 7 years, the company have just had the need to change the sleeve on one valve. They purchased a replacement sleeve, plus one spare to carry in case of an emergency. With the durable rubber sleeve being the only part that will need replacing, it definitely makes the Pinch Valve an attractive valve solution to feature on any piece of industrial equipment.

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