Satisfied AKO Customers

“We have worked with AKO for a number of years now and have a great working relationship.  Gavin and Charlotte are both very knowledgeable and helpful. Their response times are quick, they’re always on hand to help with lead times, pricing or technical help.  We really couldn’t ask for more!”

Andrew McComb – Business Development Executive at Pneutrol

“As the Production Engineering Manager of our company, I am really impressed with the stainless steel construction of the AKO VMC type Pinch Valves, as an older aluminium bodied pinch valve by another manufacturer that we were using previously continued to become damaged by the fragments of welding flux that is used in our application. AKO’s stainless steel pinch valve is much more robust and so much easier to install and maintain.”

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stainless steel air flow valves
Matt Bingham – Production Engineering Manager

“Your service is always spot on whenever I need pricing & delivery information for any of your parts.”

hygienic soft seated valves sleeve
David Cowling – Spares Assistant

“I am very happy with the pinch valves we use from AKO UK and would recommend them to other sweets manufacturers. The clean in place function is especially beneficial for us.”

pneumatic conveying pinch valve
Jason Birch – Onsite Manager in Sweets Factory

“Using Pinch Valves from AKO UK has been a huge benefit to our company – Not only are we saving money, we are also reducing downtime so that our plant can process our product faster and more efficiently.”

pinch valves for slightly soiled water
Producing Ready To Eat Salads

“We have been using AKO Pinch Valves for 4 years since they were installed on a cleaning machine that we purchased. Overall, we are very satisfied with the pinch valve and how it works, since we have only had to change the rubber sleeve twice in the 4 years that we have had it.”

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Darren Cope – Blast Washing Company

“Our company have been using AKO Pinch Valves from the VF range for 25+ years. We use the 100mm & 80mm bore sizes on our plant, for conveying aggregates, sand, gravel, glass, calcium and carbonate. We are exceptionally happy with the performance of AKO valves and would recommend the products to anyone looking for a reliable valve with easy maintenance.”

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shut off valves for calcium
Leon Brooker – Manufacturer of Parts for Drainage Systems

“For manufacturing large moulds, we have used butterfly valves in the past. However, the butterfly valves clogged up and one of the valves had a blockage in the pipe. The blockage was so bad that the restriction of the disc would not allow the product to pass through.

To date, we have no complaints whatsoever regarding AKO Pinch Valves over the past 25 years. The products are easy to repair and operate.”

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bladder valves installed
Clive Essex – Foundry Site Manager

“We needed to solve a problem with the ball valve we were using – the seat wore away too quickly and caused many failures within 1 month alone. After replacing the ball valve with an AKO Pinch Valve just over a year ago now, our system manufacturing sweets is running a lot more smoothly, and we have not needed to replace a rubber sleeve as of yet.”

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VMC air operated pinch valves
Jon Birch – Sweets Manufacturer

“Because of the mixers in our range being developed for food and pharmaceutical industries, tri-clamp/RJT connections were ideal. We also needed sanitary fittings, so we opted for AKO’s 2″ VMCE type EHEDG certified Pinch Valve with the addition of a proportional control system which is a fantastic piece of kit!”

pinch valve food pharma application
High Viscocity Gum Prepared with Shear Mixing Equipment

“We decided to use Pinch Valves within our ale brewing/bottling application because of the ease to control the flow of product. The Pinch Valves are perfect for full and slow filling.”

valves for brewery
Brewery Producing Fine Ales

“So far, we have been using the VMC range of stainless steel AKO Pinch Valves in our brewery with great success. Our filtration system is running exceptionally smoothly with no problems since the AKO products were installed.”

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stainless steel pinch valve
Joe Beaumont – Brewery

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