How to Stop the Build up of Biomass Dust in a Pressure Vessel

A company specialising in conveyor systems for the bulk handling of solid fuels for the power generation industry have provided a solution for smoother bulk product handling and non clogging vessels, for one of the biggest renewable power generator plants in the UK.

In order to achieve this solution, the company sourced aerator pads from AKO UK and installed them onto the pressure vessels at the power station.

The media inside the pressure vessel is biomass dust, handled at gravity pressure. There are 8 aerator pads on two rows of the vessel, installed approximately 300mm apart. 10 bar pressure is constantly fed to the aerators, which encourages the biomass dust to travel downwards inside the vessel, preventing it from clogging in such ways like caking, bridging or rat holing.

aerators for biomass dust
Aerator Pads used within this application – AC710B

Blue general purpose Silicon cone shaped pad rated to 200 degrees C. Complete with carbon steel stud, washer and hex nut.

vibrating mushrooms for biomass dust
aerator pads for biomass dust
aerators for biomass dust

Power Station Experience & Satisfaction with Aerator Pads

Stopping the build up of dust inside the pressure vessel is the key function of the aerator pads. This ensures no delays or downtime during the production of the plant.

This energy plant is the third largest coal-fired power station in Europe, and produces around 24 terawatt hours (TWh) (86.4 petajoules) of electricity annually. Aerators from AKO UK have so far been used on this pressure vessel for around 6 months. Engineers from the power station suggested something similar to help with unloading the biomass dust from the pressure vessel, but after an internet search it was decided that aerator pads would be the best solution. The power station’s overall experience with AKO UK aerators is 100%, with further potential for more aerators in the future.

Experts in Aerators for Biomass Dust

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