The newly developed Hose Pinch Valve with true-clear bore

VZ type AKO Pinch Hose Valve

VZ Pinch bladder Valve

Pinch Valve used for shutting off abrasive, fibrous, porous and viscous media, such as granules, sludge and suspensions.

Because of its closed construction, the VZ Pinch Valve ensures the maximum possible reliability during operation.

The set position can be optionally checked by means of mechanical or electrical position displays.

Sizes Available:

80mm only

Maximum operating pressure:

6 bar

Two operating variants are available:

Manual Operation by handwheel
Electro-mechanical rotary actuator (setting or regulating actuator)

Safety Design:

No up and down movements of drive during valve operation
Internal moving parts are fully enclosed with no movement on the outside of the valve

The special fabric-reinforced sleeve with positive opening straps ensures long working life and precise control.

Industrial Areas:

Pneumatic conveying systems, Cement/silo industry, Pigments and granulates,
Ceramics/glass/plastic industry, Sewage Water Industry, Marble and granite industry, Tanneries, Extraction systems & powers stations.

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