Pinch Valve Solutions for Every Food & Beverage Application

EHEDG certified hygienic valve for xantham gum
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pinch valves for coffee granules
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Want to use the easiest, most reliable valve on the market?

Look no further!

A Pinch Valve is going to be your new best friend in any food or beverage application. With it’s extremely simple design, the Pinch Valve is a piece of equipment you can fit and forget about.

With over 10,000 Pinch Valve Variants, AKO have a Valve to fit your requirements

Almost every foodstuff and beverage fluid can be handled by AKO UK Pinch Valves. Get in touch to discuss your application and receive an offer from our UK stock for next day delivery.

Speeding up the packing and dosing process with this valve type saves time with it’s lightening fast opening/closing times.

Even some of the most abrasive media like sugar, and oil based food substances can be suspended and shutoff with ease using a reliable AKO pinch valve. The filling technology can also be handled with AKO Pinch Valves to fill barrels, cannisters, bottles and cans.

Due to their dead space-free and thus hygienic design, Pinch Valves are very easy to clean “in place” and are also very low maintenance. Therefore, they are ideally suited for all types of food and stages of aggregates whether they are in viscous (e.g. syrups), powder or granulate form or as unprocessed foods such as nuts, fruit and beans.

Fed up of replacing alternative valves too frequently?
AKO Pinch Valves only have ONE wearable part – Our durable sleeves have unbeatable lifetimes
Pinch Valves for food available EX Conformed

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