AKO Pinch Valves Helping to keep the Earth ‘Green’

AKO UK has been working alongside a renewable waste company by supplying their products into a unique environmentally friendly food waste recycling centre. The recycled waste plant is being built with high quality components to reduce downtime, and where possible components that use less energy.

The plant uses an innovative (wet) in-vessel aerobic process known as 3rd generation ATAD (Accelerated Thermophillic Aerobic Design), generating temperatures of up to 80’C and completely pasteurising and treating the food waste in as little as 72 hours. The process and location provides several distinct advantages over the usual in-vessel (IVC) and traditional composting methods. They are:

– Small operating footprint (approx 35,000sq/ft)
– Rapid process times
– Reduced travelling times
– Cost effective alternative to landfill
– Cost effective alternative to ICV and AD processing
– Energy efficient and low carbon footprint

As pressures increase on the food service industry, supermarkets and Local Authorities to recycle of more food waste, many supermarkets are looking for alternatives to landfill, but find they have to travel considerable distances to achieve their goals.

This system is designed to accept both loose food waste from the catering industry and packaged waste from food retail outlets. Many composting processes can only take a small percentage of food waste as the daily intake in relation to garden waste; but this system uses a special process to take organic liquids and food waste to produce a high quality fertilizer ready for use by the farming community.

In addition to the benefits stated above the plant, by way of output, manufactures high grade nutrient rich fertiliser. This can be readily used in agriculture as an alternative to fossil fuel based fertilisers.

food waste recycling
food waste recycling plant

AKO Pinch Valves Prove Their Worth

Meanwhile, AKO UK’s OV Type fail safe Pinch Valves have proven to be a benefit to this industry, by assisting and controlling the flow of waste, thus handling the abrasive product with ease. The AKO Pinch Valve uses no mechanical or hydraulic parts, unlike other hydraulic valves that could potentially leak oil or chemicals into the environment. The AKO Pinch Valves used within this waste recycling plant are all encased in an aluminium body, an element which is remarkable for its ability to resist corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation and for the low density of the aluminium. The AKO Pinch Valve is also lightweight, durable, and has excellent corrosion resistance. In addition to this, the aluminium body of the AKO Pinch Valve is 100% recyclable without any loss of its natural qualities.

OV soft seated control valves
AKO Normally Closed Pinch Valve from OV Range
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As well as the recycled raw waste product, the only element that will be flowing through the AKO Pinch Valve is dry air, causing no damages to the environment and requiring less energy.

Working together to push an environmental commitment, AKO UK and the recycled waste company have developed an outstanding system that is environmentally friendly and efficient. With this unique environmental solution for the ever growing food waste problem, AKO UK is assisting by supplying the complete solution for conveying and controlling the movement of the bulk materials and liquids.

Pinch Valves have been used for years in all abrasive applications. Due to the sleeve technology clear bore and simplicity of the Pinch Valve, the life in certain applications can be up to 6 times longer than any other traditional valves.

Simple maintenance with the AKO Pinch Valve not only puts it streets ahead of the ‘traditional’ valves, but also other Pinch Valves on the market. Replacing only the sleeve means a fraction of the maintenance cost compared with other types of valves.

Quality is the key to this system using quality manufactured components readily available with large stocks in the UK.

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