A specialist cylinder manufacturer operating in the Gravure and Embossing industry have supplied Pinch Valves from AKO UK to a specialist filtration company. The Pinch Valves are supporting a Direct Laser Engraving Machine, the only one in the UK.

The media running through the valves is calcium carbonate, and the pressure setting is 2.5 bar. The black plastic pinch valves are operating on an automatic cycle when required, and are held in the normally closed position.

With laser cutting and laser processing of metals or plastics, fumes and fine dusts are generated which are harmful to health and cause damage to machinery. The pinch valves installed onto this bespoke machinery assist with the safe and efficient filtering of the very fine dust particles.

The calcium carbonate additive to the filtration process is dosed in this pneumatically driven metering system. Adhesive fumes are passivated using this system, ensuring sustainable filter cleaning as well as constant air flows over the filters elements.

pinch valve for calcium carbonate

How the Valves Work in conjunction with one another

The calcium carbonate is pressurised from a storage vessel and transferred through the larger pinch valve. The smaller line just contains air pressure which aids the calcium carbonate to flow at the transfer point just before the larger pinch valve. It keeps the larger pinch valve clean after the cycle has completed so it can close freely.

Pinch Valves used within this application – << VMP050.03X.72  / VMP015.03XK.72 >>

VMP model, air operated, POM body, POM BSP internal thread end connections, natural rubber sleeve.


Pinch Valves for Dust & Powders

Pinch Valves handle powders and dust with ease and have been assisting this particular application with no problems. Their simple design, consisting of the main housing, an internal rubber sleeve, and two end connections, gives the valve a very worthy total cost of ownership. The rubber sleeve (available in a range of different rubber grades) inside the body is the only wearable part that should need replacing. Depending on the media and it’s pressure, the end connections may sometimes need replacing but this is rare, and should not be necessary for a powder or dust application.

The tight and fast shut-off of the internal rubber sleeve/tube closes off the line flow of dust and powders extremely effectively.

AKO’s plastic POM (polyoxymethalene) Pinch Valves are the most lightweight, compact and cheapest valve option offered. Like all AKO Pinch Valve models, it is very easy to install and operate.

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