A company manufacturing concrete driveway block paving have been using Pinch Valves from AKO UK within their process for 10 years.

The end user has several valves installed on their dosing system, where pigment powder passes through them at ambient temperature. The pressure of the pigment powder travelling through the valves is 1 to 2 bar. The valves are normally closed, and are installed in line from the weigh vessel.

Each valve performs around 300 cycles per day, and uses 4 bar air pressure to close. A solenoid valve is used to open and close the pinch valve.

The valves assist with this application by closing to allow pressure to build, and then releasing to allow the flow of pigment powder.


Valve for Pigment Powder Performance

The original equipment manufacturer of the machine had included the Pinch Valve with it’s install. The block paving manufacturer have continued to use the valve on the machine ever since without any problems. The maintenance manager who uses the valve daily, told us at AKO UK that it’s performance is very good, and that the internal rubber sleeve is replaced whenever there is a breakdown.

valve for pigment powder

To give an idea of how often valves/sleeves are replaced, the company ordered 2 sleeves and 1 valve in 2016. Then a further 4 sleeves in 2023, which is 7 years apart.

Pinch Valve used within this application – VM025.03X.70.80

VM Type Pinch Valve, Natural Rubber Sleeve, PVC body, POM threaded BSP socket end connections.

Excellent Total Cost of Ownership

With the pinch valve being made up of only three parts; the housing/body, internal rubber sleeve for opening/closing with a 100% clear true bore, and two end connections, there are no additional gaskets, nuts/bolts, rings, discs or any other parts to replace.

The rubber sleeve is the only wearable part but in many cases, if used correctly, it will last years and save you money and unnecessary downtime.

Experts in Valves for Pigment Powder

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