A company distributing Akzo Nobel powder, and powder coating application machines are using AKO Pinch Valves of the VMP plastic type on the equipment. They are using pinch valves because they do not get any pulsing of the powder with them, and there is also a reduction in air consumption with the pinch valve.

This particular plastic pinch valve has white POM body, but is also available in black. The VMP pinch valve product range comes in sizes DN10-50.

Valves for Polyester Powder Application Details

Media passing through the valves: Polyester Powder

Temperature of media: Ambient

Pressure of media: 2.5 bar

There are 4 pinch valves in each corner of the pump and all 4 valves continuously open/close throughout the day as the hopper calls for powder.

Amount of cycles: Approx 10,000 per year

How much air is used to close the pinch valve: 2 bar

Pinch Valve used within this application: VMP015.03XK.71

VMP model, air operated, white POM plastic body & BSP internal threaded sockets, natural rubber sleeve.

valves for polyester powder
Valves for Polyester Powder Experience

The company have been using pinch valves for polyester powder for 10 years. Each pump within the application differs, but the rubber sleeves are usually replaced approximately every 10,000 cycles. The users are very happy with the pinch valves for polyester powder.

The pinch valves are repaired on site by replacing the rubber sleeves as and when they are needed.

Additional accessories such as level sensors and induction sensors are used in conjunction with the pinch valves.

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