Tensioned Fibreoptic Cable Held in place by Pinch Valve before and after Coiling

A world leader and innovator in fibre optic cable have found a successful solution to a crucial stage in their product production using a Pinch Valve.

Why did they need a Valve?

The company manufactures fibreoptic cable in multiple types of cable applications, and had an alternative valve already installed on this specific piece of machinery from the factory. The rubber sleeve in the alternative valve however, only lasted six months, and so the Maintenance Supervisor had to source a replacement valve.

Pinch Valve used within this application: VMP025.03XK.72

VMP model, air operated, black POM plastic body & BSP threaded ends, natural rubber sleeve.

The failed Pinch Valve for fibreoptic cable by another manufacturer that was already installed on the machine wasn’t available with a reasonable enough lead time to replace it quick enough, and since the valve is a critical component to enable their machinery to continue running, the Maintenance Supervisor searched for an alternative product. He came across AKO UK online who were able to supply the company a suitable like-for-like valve from stock with next day delivery, at a cheaper price.

Valve for Fibreoptic Cable Application Details

The Pinch Valve is a small, but vital part to this equipment – It holds the tensioned fibreoptic cable before and after coiling 33m – 300m cable at a time, pre-cutting. The coiling head on the machine pulls the cable through and there is back tension on the cable also. The Pinch Valve holds the cable in place whilst it is cut in-between coils.

The fibreoptic cable is ambient temperature, and the Pinch Valve is normally open with 300-500 cycles performed per day. Holding the line tension between coiling jobs, the Pinch Valve closes via 2 BAR air pressure supplied into the inlet of the valve body, and then the air is let off with lightning-fast response times to open the valve, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

fibreoptic cable held by pinch valve

Performance of Pinch Valve Overall

The company have been using Pinch Valves for one year and told us that the AKO valve has been faultless since it has been installed. The company have been advised to keep a spare sleeve on the shelf in case of emergency failures to not interrupt production times, however they are assured that next day delivery is available as AKO UK hold the sleeves in stock.

Having only previously used other types of valves for plumbing applications, the company are very pleased with the results achieved by AKO UK’s Pinch Valve for the fibreoptic cable application.

Experts in Pinch Valves for Fibreoptic Cable

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