A sheet metal fabrication business are using AKO’s white polyoxymethalene (POM) Pinch Valves on a powder paint coating booth, for the on/off control of powder paint and compressed air. The temperature of the paint is ambient, and the pressure of the paint and compressed air traveling through the pneumatic pinch valves is between 2 – 4.5 BAR.

The pinch valves are held in both the normally open and normally closed positions. The spray booth runs for approximately 20 hours, 6 days per week. The amount of air used to fully compress the internal rubber sleeve to shut off the powder paint is 6.5 BAR.

The company are using a total of 26 pinch valves within this paint plant in total. The valves pump the powdered paint around the system to the delivery hopper.


Valves for Powder Coating Performance

The company have been using AKO Pinch Valves since 2014. They purchased the powder paint booth which already had the valves installed. One of the engineers we spoke to mentioned that the company has used different types of valves for many different applications and he said that in his experience they are ok, but he specified that their experience with the Pinch Valve is very good.

The natural rubber sleeves inside the pinch valves, which is the only wearable part, is replaced between every 6-12 months on this particular application.

Solenoids, pressure switches and regulators are all also used on this paint plant.

The company are using the pinch valves for repair at the moment, and just replacing the rubber sleeves when needed, but they have commented that should the chance arise for another type of application where a valve is required, they would definitely utilise the pinch valves.

valves for powder paint coating booth
spray powder coating machine with valves
Pinch Valve used within this application – VMP015.03XK.71

VMP model, air operated, POM body, POM BSP intrnal thread connections, natural rubber sleeve.

valves for powder paint on Gema powder coating booth
pinch valve for powder paint coating
powder paint coating valves
plastic valves for powder paint coating

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