valves for sand

Valves for Sand Applications

Pinch valves are known to be the most versatile valves that are capable of handling rough and highly abrasive flow media, such as sand, cement, silica, and slurries. Pinch valves for sand control are commonly used in sand blasting machines and sand transfer lines. They feature a full-port opening, ensuring maximum flow of both dry and wet sand.

pinch valve high pressure

Pinch Valve High Pressure Applications & Control

Control pinch valves are designed for offering precise control over the flowing media, maximum durability, and require virtually no maintenance, especially in high pressure applications. Since a rugged, heavy-duty pinching mechanism is involved in positioning the sleeve, the resultant flow of the media is quite accurate and measurable. Some of the features of high pressure control pinch valves include no seats for wear, no packing for maintenance, no need for expensive body alloys, and no fugitive emissions.

wear free valve

The Simple Function of a Wear Free Valve

Wear free valves of the rubber pinching type ensure safe and precise media control and flow operation in a diverse range of industrial applications. They are specially designed to sustain the damage caused by highly abrasive and corrosive materials. This type of wear free valves are made using cutting-edge technology to construct highly durable and corrosion-resistant components, allowing the valve to be operated in different ways according to the requirements of different applications.

The Importance of Valves for Chemicals in the Industry

Pinch valves are increasingly becoming popular in industries that involve handling corrosive and fibrous materials. This type of valve is highly suitable for such applications because they use a 100% tight blocking method and have the ability to shut easily and quickly. Not only that, valves for chemicals with a pinching sleeve mechanism are known for the high versatility in applications with specific operating temperature requirements.

valves for slurry

AKO Valves for Slurry are a Great Choice for Handling Vicious Liquids

One of the main reasons why pinch valves are the optimum choice for controlling the flow of slurries across a wide industrial area is because they are embedded with a flexible tube that produces a 100% tight seal when it is pinched/shut off. When purchased from a reputed pinch valve manufacturer such as AKO, valves for slurry offer high quality, are up to industry standards, offer easy control over media flow, and the full bore design limits leakage to almost zero.

flexible hose with valves

Looking in Detail at a Flexible Hose with Valves

When media flows through the valve, pressure is applied into a nipple fitting on the side of the body, and the valve changes its position. Usually, the valve is normally open so that when air pressure is applied, the flexible hose with valves closes. On the other hand, a pinch valve can be kept normally closed, so alternatively will need air pressure to open the rubber hose.

manual bulk valves closed

Why Tight Shut off Valves with a Squeeze-closed Sleeve are the better option

Tight shut off valves with a rubber hose that squeezes closed are designed to fully open and close tightly to ensure zero leakage. These valve types are relatively simpler in terms of design and operation compared to a ball valve for example, allowing for a repeatable and reliable tight shut off operation. These squeeze-closed types of tight shut off valves are used as a safety function in applications where immediate cut off of the flow of media is of paramount importance.