bladder valve

The Importance of a Bladder Valve with its Reliability & Excellent Performance

A bladder valve is the complete solution for handling abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products, as well as granulates, powders and slurries.

A bladder valve with mechanical functions can either operate with a hand wheel which is the manual type, or the pneumatic type is normally spring closed which requires air to open. Accessories suitable for mechanical bladder valves are solenoid valves, pressure regulator and limit switches.

soft seated shut off valve

The Versatility of Soft Seated Shut-Off Valves

If you are looking for a shut off valve, a soft-seated shut off valve is a better choice than another material or valve type. The reason for that is simple. It has the ability to make the highest level of seat leakage class possible, and their rubber seat folds into the shape of a lip every time to ensure full closure of the valve.

If your aim is to achieve a tight shut off, then soft-seated shut off valves are the best at achieving that.

soft seated valve

The Performance & Types of Operation for A Soft Seated Valve

A soft seated valve is available in different types including operation by air, manually or as a control facility. Today, there are still some industries in which this variety of valve is relatively new technically, when compared for example with ball valves.

Although valves like the ball valve perform reasonably in certain applications, the situation is changing for many users. Various industries irrespective of size are now seeking and adding alternative technology to their present systems, such as the soft seated valve.

shut off valve function

The Shut Off Valve Function with Rubber Tube Inserts

Shut off valves function most commonly by air, there are also two versions of an air operated valve. Firstly we have the normally open shut off valve function which, when no air pressure is applied the valve will fail open. There is a rubber tube inside the valve body, this rubber tube, also known as a sleeve, bladder, hose or membrane pinches/squeezes together once air pressure is applied shutting off the valve.

free flow valves

What Makes Free Flow Valves The Best Valve Option?

Free flow valves (Pinch Valves) are a great choice for industrial applications that require precise flow control and shut-off of the flowing media. They are the most practical solution for proportional or on/off flow control of fibrous, corrosive, and abrasive products. These valves are also suitable for suspended solids, granules, and fibers, giving them an upper hand over conventional valves that mostly end up being plugged.

Pneumatic Shut Off Valves For All Industrial Applications

Pneumatic shut off valves are used in a variety of industries and can be used to control the flow of gases and liquids at a high pressure or in industries that deal with compressed atmospheric air. An electrical or manual system can power them. Pneumatic shut off valves are used in industrial applications in several fields namely mining, construction and many other bulk media flow plants.

rubber bladder valves

The Function & Operation of Rubber Bladder Valves

Rubber bladder valves are mainly used as a shut off valve for any bulk and solids, suspensions, sludge’s or fibrous and corrosive media, and they are also used as throttle or dosing valves. When using the bladder valve as a throttle valve it needs the control from an electro proportional pressure control valve. Otherwise if it is used as a shut off valve, normally the control takes place through a 3/2-way solenoid valve.