pinch valve vs butterfly valve

Pinch Valves Vs. Butterfly Valves with Silo Safety

Controlled filling systems using butterfly valves are occasionally used on silo safety systems, but the flow through the valve is restricted by the butterfly disk, slowing down the filling process. The valve seat becomes contaminated with trapped product, resulting in spillage, waste and cross-contamination. The butterfly disk also wears very quickly increasing maintenance down time.

The use of a pinch valve eliminates these problems immediately.

valves for food

Looking at Valves for Food in Depth

Valves for food are devices that are carefully designed while keeping in mind the stringent demands of industrial applications where cleanliness and sterility are essential, such as the food and pharmaceutical industry. Each component is made using materials that ensure efficient sanitizing and cleaning, giving users the confidence that the processing environment in their industry is free from any kind of contamination.

wear resistant valve by AKO

Major Applications of Wear Resistant Valves

Wear resistant valves comprise of a rubber pinching tube inside the valve body that helps in controlling the flow of media. They have a robust construction and are very economical, which is why they are used in a wide range of industrial applications. The rubber sleeve is made up of high quality natural rubber and is the only part that needs to be replaced. Moreover, these wear resistant valve types require little to no maintenance and can be retrofitted in almost any application.

low clogging valve

Maintenance, Benefits & Applications of Low Clogging Valves

Manually actuated low clogging valves offer multiple features including maintenance-free operation, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. They are engineered to handle tough abrasives, slurries, and corrosive chemical flow media. The best part about manual low clogging valves is their 100% full port design that eliminates any crevices or dead spots in bearings or seats, where there is a possibility of slurry hanging up and impairing the entire operation, or in worst scenarios, cause complete valve failure.

AKO UK Launch Aeration System

The aeration pads were originally launched in 2001 but due to the success, and to stay ahead of the competition the product has now been improved.

Instead of having different types of aaration pads in the range, there is now one specification for all applications.

pinch valve flow characteristics

The Spectacular Pinch Valve Flow Characteristics

The Pinch Valve flow characteristics are inherent to the design of the valve. For instance, as the valve is opened, the flow characteristic allows a certain amount of media flow through the valve bore at a particular time. This is especially important for the choke/throttle control of the pinch valve because it controls the flow of media in a predictable manner.

bladder control valves spare hose

The Effectiveness of The Pinch Valve Liner

The Pinch Valve liner (also known as sleeve, hose, tube, diaphragm, bladder, rubber membrane etc) is the only wetted part to a Pinch Valve, making it the only part that needs replacing. The liners do need replacing and servicing from time to time, but because they are the only part that need replacing, this makes the total cost of ownership of a Pinch Valve much less compared to other valve types.

bulk valves

Types, Advantages & Maintenance of Bulk Valves

Bulk valves with a pinching rubber sleeve close tightly, whatever the product you are conveying. They are the ideal solution for handling bulk solids and liquids, and even the most abrasive media without wearing the rubber sleeve/hose. These pinch bulk valves are proving to perform better than conventional valve types such as ball valves and butterfly valves where the disc or seals can become clogged or damaged.

airbrators blue general purpose

Uses and Applications of Airbrators

The Airbrator is a small device that is used for solving material flow problems through a sequence of vibration and aeration mechanisms. It is basically an air pad with a special design that helps in creating vibrations when the air flows between the bin wall and the boot of the Airbrator pad. The Airbrator is quite easy to install, and is an economical solution that is self-cleaning and has a durable construction.